Winter storm Jupiter to bring damaging ice to Plains, Midwest

January 12, 2017 12:36 PM

Winter storm Jupiter to bring damaging ice to Plains, Midwest

Last updated: 1/12/17 3:30pm EST

What you should know:

Winter Storm Jupiter is set to bring an ice storm to the Plains and Midwest starting tonight and lasting through Sunday night. Ice accumulations and strong winds are expected to bring wide spread power outages and tree damage. The central Plains and lower Missouri Valley are most likely to see damaging sleet/ice. Travel will be very difficult and dangerous in the areas where the ice storm has the greatest impact.

Click here for the latest forecast information. 

How to prepare:

  • Remember to stay off the roads, and park your car indoors if you can. Otherwise, consider covering your vehicle using a tarp and bungee cords to prevent ice accumulation, which is difficult to remove and may prevent you from accessing your vehicle in an emergency.
  • Confirm that your generator is fueled up, or that its permanent fuel supply line is unobstructed.
  • If you have a fireplace or other alternative heat source, ensure your fuel supply is well stocked.
  • If you lose power and do not have a generator or alternate source of heat, consider shutting off your water and draining your plumbing to protect against frozen pipes.
  • Prune tree limbs that could threaten your home, automobile or other property.

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