Flash Flood Watches Issued Along the East Coast

September 29, 2016 3:00 PM

Flash Flood Watches Issued Along the East Coast

A flash flood warning has been issued for areas near Fayetteville, NC, and flash flood watches have been issued for parts of PA, MD, DC, VA and WV, including Baltimore and Charlottesville, VA. 

Rain and gusty winds are forcasted for these regions through the weekend, with some areas expecting to see 3-5+ inches of rain.

Whenever flash flooding is a possibility, avoid walking or driving through standing and flowing water. If water is moving swiftly, it can easily knock you off of your feet, and only a few inches of water can ruin your car's engine. Water may also conceal hidden dangers including unseen holes, submerged debris, hazardous pollutants and submerged power lines. Be wary of mudslides and rockslides if you are driving in hilly areas.