Seismic Shut-off Valves Provide Vital Protection for Homes in Earthquake-prone Regions

A major cause of loss resulting from an earthquake is fire due to broken gas lines. If you live in an earthquake-prone region, a seismic shut-off valve may help to spare your home from significant damage. These valves are designed to automatically stop the flow of gas to your home when the device's sensor detects a 5.4 magnitude or larger earthquake. The valve is then manually reset once a safety inspection has been performed to ensure no gas leak is present.

Seismic Shut-off Valve

There are a number of manufacturers who offer seismic shut-off valves, most notably Little Firefighter and California Seismic Valve. Typical installation costs range from $600-$1,200 but depend on the valve size, labor fees and whether or not a permit is needed (may be required in select areas). A PURE Member Advocate® can help determine the device that’s right for your home and assist in scheduling the installation with a preferred service provider in your area.

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