Security Issues Related to Apple Devices

July 28, 2016

Two security concerns emerged in July of 2016 in reference to iPhones and other Apple brand devices.

Operating System Vulnerabilities

On July 20th, Fortune first reported that certain Apple operating systems contained a point of vulnerability that could allow hackers to obtain device owners’ passwords by simply sending an image via iMessage. Even if you do not keep highly-sensitive data on your iPhone or other Apple device, this issue is still a threat, because many people use similar passwords across multiple web-enabled devices. 

Update your device’s operating system as soon as possible to protect yourself from this vulnerability: iOS 9.3.3 rectifies the issue.

Device Ransomware

An increasing trend among hackers has surfaced regarding the iCloud “find device” feature on iPhones and iPads, such as iPhone’s “Find My iPhone”. If an attacker is able to discern your iCloud password, they can enable the feature remotely, lock your device so that you do not have access to any of your information, and demand a ransom payment in return for unlocking the device.

To protect yourself from this threat, beware of techniques like phishing emails. If your password for another web-enabled service has been compromised in the past, change passwords across all your accounts.

You should also backup your settings and information on a regular basis. That way, if you find yourself a victim of such an attack, you will not find yourself tempted to concede to the attacker’s demand. In the event that you find yourself in such a situation, do not contact the attacker. Instead, immediately change all your passwords throughout the web-enabled services you use.

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