Cadillac Escalade Thefts on the Rise

March 8, 2016

PURE has seen a recent increase in vehicle theft claims made by owners of Cadillac Escalades model year 2011 and earlier. In fact, these early models of the popular SUV were once cited by the Highway Loss Data Institute as six times more likely to be stolen than the average vehicle.

Since then, Cadillac has addressed the security vulnerabilities with added anti-theft technology but owners of vehicles manufactured in 2011 and earlier are encouraged to take precautions to help protect the vehicle, and its parts, from theft:

  • Install a vehicle tracking system. Some Escalades may be equipped with OnStar, which includes a stolen vehicle assistance service provided at a monthly or annual fee. If your vehicle is not equipped with OnStar, or if you are looking for another alternative, an aftermarket tracker such as LoJack may be a solution. The total cost of this device ranges between $700-$1,100 based on the features selected. Installation is free and done through certified technicians at your home or place of business.
  • Utilize wheel locks. Thieves are commonly targeting the vehicle's wheels due to the resale value and relative ease with which they can be removed. Wheel locks are locking lug nuts that can only be removed with a key unique to that set, making theft very difficult. These locks, which cost around $50, can be purchased through your dealer or at an auto parts store.
  • Install window vibration alarms. These sensors, mounted to the inside of the vehicle's doors and windows, activate an alarm when sudden impacts are detected. They can be purchased at an auto parts or home improvement store for as little as $10.
  • Install third row seat locks. To the surprise of many SUV owners, their third row seats are a hot-ticket item to thieves, thanks to a high resale value and the relative ease with which they can be removed. Third row seat locks can help reduce or even eliminate this risk. There are several brands and styles to select from with prices ranging from $50-$300. Consult your dealer to see which they recommend.

PURE members who need assistance implementing any of these precautions can contact a PURE Member Advocate at or by calling 888.813.7873 (PURE).