Major Automobile Recall Due to Faulty Airbags

July 20, 2015

The Takata Corporation, a parts supplier to many top name automakers, has issued an ongoing recall of 34 million vehicles across ten brands in the U.S. (and another 7 million worldwide) after a defect in their airbag inflator was identified.

The inflators in question were made with a propellant that can degrade over time and has led to ruptures which send metal shards into the passenger cabin, leading to serious injury or death. There have been 8 deaths linked to the issue to date.

To remedy the issue, dealers will replace the faulty airbag at no cost to vehicle owners.

To find out if your vehicle is among the recalled, visit’s Recalls Spotlight. You can search by make and model or use the site’s VIN look-up tool. You can also go directly to the recall center for your automaker through one of the links below:

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