Safeguarding Your Property During a Move

Moving your family from one home to another can be both an exciting and extremely stressful time. While there are many reputable moving companies out there who do an excellent job, there are also those who can be quite difficult to deal with – especially when a claim is made that they damaged, lost or stole one of your belongings. Unfortunately, we have dealt with many instances where members have suffered a loss and came to the decision to file a claim because more often than not, the moving company will only reimburse pennies on the dollar – if they admit fault at all.

Before your next move, consider the following to help protect your property:

  1. Compile a proper inventory of items being moved, especially high value items. Do not solely rely on the mover’s list.
  2. Take photos showing the condition prior to any packing. This will show items’ pre-loss condition and dispel any argument that the item was already damaged prior to the move. Note: If a mover packs the items, they will generally also note the condition of items on their itemization sheet – make sure you agree with the condition they have noted.
  3. Be present when the movers are packing and moving your belongings. If possible, document the following in a timeline: When were items packed? Who packed them? How were they packed? When were they picked up? When were they delivered?
  4. Take a proper inventory of the items when they are delivered. It is important to make sure there are no damages upon delivery, paying particular attention to the most valuable items.
  5. Retain a copy of the paperwork you receive noting the damages you have documented. Look for any per pound limitations to recovery noted on the Bill of Lading (contract that shows the terms and conditions and weights of the items).
  6. Report any lost or damaged items to the moving company as soon as possible. Generally, there are restrictions noted on the Bill of Lading in regards reporting a claim.

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