Precautions To Take If Your HVAC Unit Is In An Attic

February 6, 2020

Installing HVAC units in the attic can save space and reduce noise in living areas. However, this placement has been linked to water damage claims. In numerous PURE claims, we have found the cause to be clogged HVAC condensate pans. If you have an HVAC unit installed in your attic, consider taking the following steps to help reduce the likelihood of a loss.

  1. Confirm there is a drip pan underneath the unit.
  2. Install a float switch in the pan.
  3. Install a water bug alarm in the pan.
  4. Ensure that water is able to properly drain to the outside of the home.

The idea is that with the float switch present in the pan, the HVAC system will shut off if the water rises too high, and with the water bug alarm it will also alert the alarm company. This is especially important if the float switch fails since someone will be notified right away and can respond quickly in order to mitigate any damage.


computer-icon-contact-us.pngPURE members who need assistance implementing any of these options can contact a PURE Member Advocate® at or 888.813.7873 (PURE).