Which Luxury Vehicle Owners Are Most at Risk?

January 19, 2015

A new study published by the National Insurance Crime Bureau found that between 2010 and 2013, California had the most luxury vehicle thefts with 1,390, followed by Florida with 863 (followed by New Jersey and New York respectively). Furthermore, Floridian owners were the least likely to have their vehicles returned to them. Luxury vehicles have long been targeted by theft rings and Florida is a prime location to illegally export stolen vehicles in a hurry due to the vast number of international ports in Southern Florida.

The NICB report seems to closely align with PURE’s own experience. Since 2011, Floridian members have seen the highest number of theft occurrences where the entire vehicle was stolen.[1]

Similar to home theft incidents, thieves gravitate towards less risky options – thus, members who take steps to ensure their vehicle is protected, will most likely not have to suffer losing their valuable mode of transportation. Members specifically in the above high risk states (and beyond) may want to consider purchasing an aftermarket security device such as the LoJack.[2]


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[1] PURE just started accepting members in California in 2014.

[2] However, check LoJack’s coverage map and make sure your county is listed.