Preseason Storm Preparedness

What to do before a storm is forecasted...

The best time to prepare for a storm is well before one is on the horizon. The following information and resources are intended to help you reduce risk to your home and family well in advance of a snow or ice storm.

Invest in a Leak Detection and Emergency Water Shutoff System.

Install a leak detection and emergency water shutoff system to limit the damage caused to your home while you’re away. Devices such as Leak Defense System detect abnormalities in your pipes’ water flow and automatically shut off your water supply in such an event. Members that have experienced a covered loss greater than $10,000 have taken advantage of our Loss Prevention Allowance of $2,500 to install these detection devices, reducing the likelihood that a similar loss should recur.

Invest in Remote Monitoring Technology.

A centrally monitored low-temperature alarm is designed to give you the opportunity to intervene before a pipe can burst. If temperatures near pipes drop to concerning levels, it will alert you and your alarm company immediately so that you can take action.

Mpreover, smart thermostats like Nest allow you to manage the temperature of your home remotely and adjust your settings in response to any frigid temperatures or subzero wind chills that may occur while you are away. 

Insulate Your Pipes.

Properly insulate pipes in your attic, or in other unheated areas of your home, to prevent them from freezing. Schedule an inspection to determine if your pipes are at risk. If you plan to build a new home in the future, we recommend installing pipes close to heated areas.


Invest in a Generator.

Have you considered a generator? Now may be the right time. Contact the Member Advocate for guidance and to learn about special offers available to PURE members from leading manufacturers.

Winterize Your Swimming Pool.

If outdoor systems are connected to a faucet that leads to your indoor piping, the outdoor systems can freeze, causing pressure on indoor pipes which can potentially burst.

Upgrade Outdoor Faucets.

Replace your outdoor faucets with frost-free ones. This will prevent the faucet tube from bursting, if you leave your hose attached in freezing conditions.