Cold Front to Impact Eastern & Central States, Parts of the Midwest

What You Should Know

Extreme cold is expected to impact parts of the Midwest, as well as central and eastern portions of the country beginning this weekend. Sustained temperatures below 20°F increase the risk of water damage to your home caused by frozen and burst pipes, especially for homes that are not insulated against cold weather.

Water damage can be both costly and inconvenient, and can lead to months—or longer—of being displaced from your home while repairs take place.

How to Prepare

  • Maintain a warm temperature in your home. Ensure the heat is set to a minimum 65°F to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Allow for air circulation. Leave interior doors, cabinets and vanities open to allow heat to reach all areas of the home.
  • Be sure any hoses are brought inside and that you've drained hose bibbs. As a long-term step, be sure to winterize irrigation systems and upgrading your outdoor faucets to ones that are frost free.
  • If you are away, have a caretaker check in on your home. Historically, PURE members who were away from home when a loss occurred experienced more than four times the amount of damage from burst pipes. During times of severe cold, we recommend having your caretaker check on your home at least two times a day. Ensure they know the proper steps to take in your absence if a pipe does burst.
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