PURE Member Advocate®

During an emergency, a PURE Member Advocate can help you in the following ways:

PURE's Member Advocates assist members in the event of a large claim, as well as with risk management and loss prevention.

In the event of a loss, a PURE Member Advocate works alongside you and your assigned claims adjuster to manage and alleviate the administrative hassles associated with your claim – from obtaining estimates and scheduling contractors, to purchasing a new vehicle in the case of a total loss or arranging temporary living accommodations if your home is inaccessible.

Your Member Advocate can also provide advice to reduce the likelihood of damage to your property or to minimize the impact of a loss. Here is a partial list of the services we help facilitate:

  • Risk management appraisals & inspections
  • Personal security & background checks
  • Safeguarding property & guidance for purchasing safety and security devices
  • Disaster & emergency preparation
  • Fine arts valuations & preservation

For claims over $10,000, our High Value Homeowners policy includes our $2,500 Loss Prevention Benefit. This allocation can be put toward the cost of preventative measures, such as a loss control device or expert advice, to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future. Your Member Advocate will provide guidance and assist you with available options to put this benefit to use.

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For members who do not have wind coverage with PURE:

During a hurricane, PURE's Member Advocate can assist in procuring remediation resources in the event you suffer property damage. While priority will be given to members who have wind coverage in place with PURE, we will make our best effort to provide all PURE members impacted by such an event with the necessary remediation assistance.