What to do when a storm threatens...

The following information is intended to help you use the final hours before the storm most efficiently, highlighting things you can do now that are intended to help keep your family safe and minimize damage to your home.

Clear Drains & Gutters.

It’s not uncommon for leaves and other debris to cover exterior drains or obstruct gutters and downspouts. Clearing those areas now may eliminate or dramatically decrease water damage to your home.

Test your Generator.

Confirm that your generator is fueled up, or that its permanent fuel supply line is unobstructed. Many generators feature a regular “test mode” cycle; however, you can't always tell if the test has actually run. You can avoid surprises by starting the generator before a storm to ensure that it's working properly.

Move Your Outdoor Furniture and Other Important Objects.

Outdoor furniture and other belongings are not only susceptible to damage, but they have the potential to create damage to your home or your neighbor's, if propelled by hurricane force winds. Bring your furniture inside so as to protect it from the elements. Protect your home and property by securing other items like barbecue grills, garbage cans, fire pits, and any other freestanding, lightweight objects that can become projectiles in a windstorm.

Prepare Your Family For The Worst.

Here are a few things every family should consider, as well as some additional resources you might find helpful: