What You Can Do Now

The safety of you and your family is our highest priority and we urge you to review your evacuation and communication plans in case you are required to leave your home. A PURE Member Advocate® can help you locate temporary housing. Call 888.813.7873 or email memberadvocate@pureinsurance.com.

If you are evacuating your home:

If you have more time:

Fine art and collections:

Take art and decorative items off the walls. Place collected items in crates or wrap them to protect them from flying debris. Elevate items and place them in a room where there are no windows.


Remove your vessel from the water and store it in a safe place before the storm hits. If you have Watercraft coverage with PURE, PURE will reimburse haul-out and storage expenses that you incur to protect your insured vessel, up to the limit stated on your policy. Contact a PURE Member Advocate for assistance.


To Report a Claim

Our claims support is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To report a claim, please call 888.813.7873 or email claims@pureinsurance.com.